Motörhead - 'The World is Yours' review

Posted by Alexander Hay

A bit predictable yes, but a thoroughly enjoyable album nonetheless.

Still handsome after all these years... Lemmy & his bass

There comes a point when bands cease to be innovators and eventually become conservators instead - maintaining the good name of its legacy without actually doing much else. The Rolling Stones somehow leap to mind, though Paul McCartney and Genesis are good examples of what happens when the legacy is tarnished and the priceless tapestry, so to speak, ends up as a dish towel.

There are exceptions however. David Bowie is game for anything still, after all these years. (He did write "The Laughing Gnome" after all.) While underground bands, because they're still 'hungry', carry on playing that way too - look at the criminally underrated Scott Weinrich, for example, who keeps knocking out great albums to about 12 people and a dog.

British metal legends Motorhead fall somewhere between these two poles. On the one hand, lead man Lemmy (a man whose blood could probably be used as weed-killer) and his present line-up do nothing new on their latest album, "The World is Yours". 

The 10 tracks are utterly, utterly traditional in sound, theme and spirit. (Of course, Motorhead invented those traditions...) And it's plain the band is more than perfectly happy to ride that wave for ever more, churning out song after song after song from that ever-reliable template. 

Plus, as Lemmy growls on each track like a chain-smoking rottweiler with laryngitis, it's interesting to note that he sounds more and more like, well, Lemmy with every album. 

But "The World is Yours" is still an entertaining album. The formula might be well-tested, but it still works, producing a whole album of tight and well-executed and greasily entertaining tracks, like "Brotherhood of Man" which snarls with lead-heavy, mid tempo menace. 

The rest of the record keeps up this reliably catchy and effective sound, leaving the listener behind with the sense that while there's not a hint of originality here, Motorhead can still write great songs. Its good name (or bad name, depending on how you look at it) remains intact.

THE WORLD IS YOURS will be out on CD and MP3 on the 17th of January. You can get a copy from all good retailers, including Amazon and RRP £12.99 for CD.

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