Competitions Winners - July 2013

Posted by Gareth Hargreaves

Here are the Lucky Winners for our Competitions in July 2013!

Adrian Hodnett and Melanie Gardiner

Sandtex Paint

Sally Lloyd-Jones and Leon Hayes

A Doll’s House at Duke of York’s Theatre

 Anne Wakeham, Gordon Kynaston and Celia Przyrembel

Joseph Joseph Shell Compact Digital Scale/ Find Me A Gift

Mark Dexter

The Look “Tunes and Stories” CD

Julie Earnshaw, Alison Maclean, Melanie White, Sigourney Povey, Janis Pow, Ste Fairbairn, Carole Trea gust, Karen Hibberd, James Seale, Andrew Cronin, Alison Sherwood, Danuta Myszor, Charlene Moffitt, Joe Carter, Carol De Brikasaan, Jed Harper, Peggy Rossiter, Jean Stewart, Susan Carruthers and John Robson

Tints of Nature Hair Care

Charles Roger Tomlinson, Nicci Cowdell-Murray, Tony Boucher and Laura Martin

Cake & Bake Show at London Earl’s Court

Afshan Iqbal, John Banks, Cotiga Stefania, David Allen and Andrew Craig

Song For Marion/ La Redoute

Ian Sotheran

Gtech ST05 Li-lon Cordless Grass Trimmer

Alice Lightning, Beverly Marsh and George Grieve

The Telegraph CRUISE Show

Sue Masterson, Kate O’Neill, Diane Halliwell, Sarahann Tonner, Phil Yates, Julia Kerr,    Rachell Beeston, Champaklal Lad, Poojitha Ravipati, Matt Brasier, Asif Baig, Irene Maier, Andrew Hindley, Anne McCutcheon and William Mobberley

DAYTONA at Park Theatre London

Kelly Koya and Haim Shefer

Damart SS13 Light Weight Trench Coat

Gloria Heathcote, Fiona Bracher and Frances Grasby

Healthspan Weight-Away Hamper

Neil Molyneux and Joanne Mapp

The Village DVD

Kathy Patterson, Tony Jackson, Charlotte Clark, Femi Kaseram and Tom Murat

Don't despair if you haven't won this time, we have lots of new opportunities to win each week, just head to the competitions channel for this week's top comps! 


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