Beckett triple bill

Posted by Laurence Green

Samuel Beckett's challenging, rich triptych remains as powerful and moving as when it was written in the 1980s says Laurence Green.

Lisa Dawn in Rockaby

A journey to the dark heart of the human soul is the common denominator that links the triple bill of short Samuel Beckett plays comprising Not I / Footfalls / Rockaby, directed by  Walter Asmus, at the Royal Court Theatre until Saturday January 18 and then the Duchess Theatre in the West End from Monday 3 to 15 February.

The first, Not I, is a nine-minute monologue from a disembodied female mouth, floating eight feet above the stage, delivering a stream of consciousness at the speed of thought.

Footfalls features May, wrapped in tatters pacing back and forth rhythmically on a strip of bare landing outside her dying mother's room.

In Rockaby a lonely elderly lady, dressed in an evening gown sits it a wooden rocking chair that rocks of its own accord.

Although the evening is only one hour long the plays, all of which were originally written in the 70s, remain both powerful and moving, providing extraordinary expressions of pain, distress and loss. Not I was written by Beckett specifically for Billie Whitelaw and indeed the work became her trademark. But Lisa Dawn takes over the role with great assurance and gives a compelling solo performance in all three pieces, conveying the deeo heartfelt emotion theat links the trio, while ageing most convincingly.

Go, experience this challenging, rich triptych by a master wordsmith for yourself!

Beckett Triple Bill

At the Royal Court Theatre until Saturday 18 January and The Duchess Theatre Monday 3 to Saturday 15 February 2014.

Box office: 020 7565 5000 

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