Save Money In Your London Home With New Windows


Posted on: 10 January 2017 by Lenard Johnson

The average annual hydro bill for a homeowner in London, Ontario, was around $1,700 in 2016, and despite recent breaks from Queen’s Park to slow down skyrocketing bills, even higher rates are only a matter of time.

In the last ten years, the increase in hydro prices has far outstripped the rise in the cost of other goods and services in Ontario, largely due to long-term infrastructure mistakes that won’t be easy to fix quickly. In other words, it’s time to adapt to more expensive energy in this province, and one of the ways you can start to save is by reducing your energy use. That doesn’t mean you have to start layering on extra sweaters in the winter or foregoing air-conditioning on those brutal July days, it just means you have to be smarter about how you control the temperature in your home.

Your windows and doors are the only uninsulated part of the average home and they are responsible for the large amounts of the energy transfer that happens between the indoors and the outdoors; you can reduce your costs by introducing energy efficient replacements.

Living in a place like London, Ontario means hot summers and cold winters; in order to replace your windows and doors, you need an Energy Star product that works in both temperatures. The Low-E coating and argon gas fills used by local supplier Golden Windows to make their products efficient not only keep warmth inside during the winter, but also reflect scorching sunlight in the summer without keeping your home dark. It’s just like those hot summer days when, stepping into your car, you can feel the rise in temperature – Low-E glass keeps it cool inside when it’s hot outside, too.

In addition to saving yourself money, reducing your energy consumption is also a great way to do right by the environment, and minimizing drafts and heat emissivity in your home is a great way to keep your carbon footprint in check. You can also look for an environmentally-minded window supplier like London’s Golden Windows, as they implement green manufacturing practices like making their products locally to reduce greenhouse gas as well as adaptively reusing waste.

The mistake many homeowners make when they’re doing renovations is saving on the day of, rather than thinking about long term investments that will improve the value of their home. Make sure your contractor or home builder is partnered with a reputable, ISO-certified supplier of Energy Star-approved products. You want to buy replacement windows and doors from the best window companies in London Ontario, so talk to your contractor or start visiting showrooms yourself. You should also be able to choose from a variety of customization options, including frame materials (wood, vinyl, or aluminum) and grille styles. Vinyl is a popular frame option that requires no maintenance, wood provides a great traditional look to your home, and aluminum-clad wood can reduce the maintenance of a wood frame without compromising the interior appearance. Hydro in Ontario is expensive enough; take a stand and give yourself some relief by replacing old windows and doors today.

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