Most Recommended Providers for Home Security Systems


Posted on: 03 January 2017 by Katherine Lopez

Most Recommended Providers for Home Security Systems

Reading home security tips is not enough if you really want to make sure that your family is safe against burglars or intruders and if you want to have total control of your home. And to give you the most recommended home security providers in the market today, we'll give you a review on the best home security systems we have encountered.

Most Recommended Providers for Home Security Systems

1.    GetSafe

GetSafe makes it to the top of our list because of its overwhelming positive features. Firstly, you can avail the services of GetSafe on a month to month basis without any contract. The equipment looks very modern and high-tech and is also beautifully packaged. Also, they don't look like your typical home security device, thus it would be difficult for intruders to spot and destroy the same. What's even more impressive is that you don't need a wall-mounted control panel since you can control everything through the GetSafe App. Yes, you can have total control of your house using your very own smart phone! And the app also works with Nest Thermostat, thus you can easily control the temperature in your house using GetSafe.

Of course, not everything about GetSafe is perfect. Firstly, you have to pay for the equipment which means you'll have to shell out about $249 for the basic four-piece system including the smart hub, entry sensor, siren and the motion detector. This can be very pricey considering that there are other home security providers that offer free use of equipment. Nevertheless, GetSafe is still a very wonderful choice.

2.    VivintSmartHome

So, did we mention about home security providers offering free use of equipment? You guessed it right! VivintSmartHome actually offers free use of their equipment worth $1500; however the company will require you to accede to a 3-5 year contract with a monthly subscription rate starting at $39.99 per month. relevant Vivint reviews would reveal that when it comes to home safety, Vivint is the most comprehensive system available in the market today. Unlike the modern and high-tech packaging of GetSafe equipment, however, Vivint equipment and devices look like your typical home security device. Nevertheless, it is still very functional, durable and with high quality. Also, it is worth mentioning that VivintSmartHome is a recipient of many awards including Women's Choice Award for "America's Best Home Security System."

Although Vivint offers free use of their equipment and low monthly rate, you may also have to shell out additional cost of $399 for installation fee and $198 for activation fee.

Most security providers would recommend having a medical alert system in addition to a home security device. Medical alert system allows you to alert proper medical response unit in case of any accident or emergency. You can check out Bay Alarm Medical reviews for more information on medical alert systems. With a reliable home security system and a medical alert system, you will certainly have a peace of mind knowing that your family is safe and secure even if you are away from home.

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