Most Comfortable Outfit for Working Women during Monsoon


Posted on: 08 March 2017 by Aashita Gupta

As they say woman wardrobe is always a treasure, but sadly in monsoon, it all goes in vain. She is someone who is always in a hurry and when she is a working woman, she has to cross the miles to make her due presence. Monsoon however, hurdles her glam and she has to bear the agony.

From not wearing the long pants to avoiding white wardrobe she has to be conscious about her clothing. Monsoon is a season that adds more humidity with uninvited pouring. It affects skin, hair, clothing altogether. In order to rock her best, every working women need to follow certain do’s and dont’s and look for a comfortable clothing She can try Tunic tops, kurtis etc . This is the word of mouth of many women out there who make sure not to get drenched easily.

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Aashita Gupta

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maria victoria posted 09 March 2017

Thanks for this wonderful ideas....I definitely try this type of outfit in Monsoon...


Libbrecht Lynn posted 13 March 2017

You have posted a detailed document having full of latest information. I read this whole content and really liked it. Thanks for sharing.

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