Looking After Your Employees: How to Throw an Office Party


Posted on: 09 January 2017 by Tracey Clayton

With holidays behind us, every office is turning towards 2017. Usually, a business year starts with a team building party, where employees get to sit together, relax and talk about the goals for the upcoming years.

As a boss, it is your job to take care of your employees and throw them an office party. Think about making your employees happy, and while at it you will strengthen the bond between you. Other than that, here are several reasons why you should throw a corporate party for your employees.


Create a family

In order for your company to become successful, all members have to work together and communicate properly. It is important for them to feel like one big family and it’s your job to ensure everyone feels the same. By throwing a party, you can get everyone closer and create a bond. Nothing joins people together as well as an office party, plus parties are super fun and your employees will definitely have a great time.

Inspire them

Nothing is better than a good old touch of inspiration before to kick off into 2017. If you are looking to start strong, you might as well kick it off with a party. It will serve both as a 2016 reward and recognition for work, and as a great motivation and inspiration for people to work harder and achieve new goals in 2017. You get to kill 2 birds with one stone, and at the end of the day, everyone is happy. It is a true win-win situation.

Show gratitude

Another reason to throw a party for your employees is to say thank you in your own way. They have been working so hard all year long, and deserve a chance to relax and get to know you better, or at least see the other side of you. The important thing to keep in mind is not to talk about business at the beginning, and instead focus on getting to know each other better while at the party. Make sure you let everyone know that this office party is their gift; it is for them and in their honor. If you are looking to promote someone or give out rewards for best workers, this could be a good moment to do it.

http://owl-group-staging.s3.amazonaws.com/upload_datas/45263/landscape_large.jpg?1484003476Make it spectacular and unforgettable

Choosing the venue is perhaps the most difficult task of all. You have to think of a place where you could situate all the employees, and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Depending on the type of party you are throwing, you should choose a different venue. But the best thing for a corporate party or an office party is renting one of those old, historic places that might resemble the Gatsby party. One such place is the famous Oatlands House; the venue is situated on five acres of beautiful manicured gardens and the house is restored and resembling the old Georgian style. It has its own vineyards, as well as exceptional service and luxurious interior. For an unforgettable event, definitely consider renting the Oatlands House. It is worth every penny, and your experience will be out of this world.

Take time to plan everything

Being an event of such magnitude, it will require certain planning and organizing before it could be set to motion. Make sure to plan the entire thing in advance, at least a few months. You might even want to book a venue in advance, to ensure no one else books it. Also, there is food, drinks, music and decorations to think about. If you can’t do it on your own, hire help or ask someone to help you with it. Be concise and work on every detail. This party will be spoken of for days to come, so you have to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

http://owl-group-staging.s3.amazonaws.com/upload_datas/45265/landscape_large.jpg?1484003495Final preparations

Once you have every detail worked out, venue booked, drinks and food ordered and the theme chosen, all that is left is to let everyone know that the party is on the way and set the date. Make sure to let your employees know at least 1 month ahead, so they don’t plan something else. If you are really looking to bond with your employees, allow them to bring a +1 to make it more personal. Promote a positive workplace culture, and show to your comrades how grateful you are for having them around.

I hope you understand how important this party is for establishing your workplace atmosphere and inspiring your employees. Once the party ends, it is time to rest and then focus on your new business plans for 2017, new business achievements and new victories. Let everyone relax a bit; recharge their batteries so that they are able to perform even better in the days to come. Be the kind of boss everyone wants you to be. 

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