How to Get Rid of Bad Smell in Your Car


Posted on: 19 August 2016 by Jeffrey Garcia

Activated charcoal odor eliminator

It is an unpleasant experience to sit in a car that stinks. It is also embarrassing to let someone ride in it. Your passengers will surely feel uncomfortable throughout the travel.

Like any stinky place, you have many options to choose from in eradicating bad odors, you can also do a lot of things to improve the odor of your car. By starting a good hygiene habit and finding the source of any lingering stench, you can surely solve the bad odor problem in your car.

Here are simple steps you can follow to remove bad smells in your car

Start cleaning your car by clearing everything out from it. Remove all trash, which is the basic thing you need to do. Make sure that you have read the car's manual. Check for a great find here and know which cleaning products are allowed and safe to use. If unsure, you can talk directly to your car retailer and ask about your concern.

Begin checking under the seats and remove all rotting food and trash. Then proceed checking back pockets and remove all found items there. Keep away those sticky candies or unidentified blobs of food stuck within the pocket so your children won't reach them. Begin to pull out drink containers and even check under the seat cover as well because food and drink can be lodged in any of these areas without your realization. You can take the seats right out of the car to continue cleaning. Odors could be coming anywhere in your car so don't forget checking the trunk of your car as well and clean the area.

After removing all found trash, you may start wiping your car surfaces. With the use of a soft cleaning cloth, wipe every plastic, wood, glass and metallic surfaces. Anything other than warm water is possible to use as long as you rely on mild detergent. It is safe for most surfaces and best use as glass cleaner. There is appropriate leather cleaner for leather seats. You can actually ask for a suitable interior car cleaner at any automobile outlet or you can visit this site here.

The glove compartment or glove box should be wiped inside as well. Make sure that all items are removed first before wiping out everything. Dirt and debris left on the carpet are the usual source of car's bad smells. Before vacuuming, brush the carpet first with a soft but firm brush to loosen such dirt and debris. Make sure to use clean water. All excess water should be wringed out to assure that no water be pooled in your car.

It's time to vacuum the carpet after brushing it. Avail carpet deodorizers over the carpet and sprinkle them over. If you are looking for best natural alternative deodorizer, purchase an activated charcoal odor eliminator. What is good about activated charcoal is its effectiveness and safety to eliminate toxic elements inside your car which cause bad odors. If you are decided to make an order today, you can go on this website and visit it now!

There are other steps in cleaning and eradicating bad smells in your car that have not been mentioned in this article. Feel free to click any links spread over this article to read other related articles on this topic.

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