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Posted on: 17 April 2012 by Anthony Page

I've found the solution to insomnia and discovered the pleasures of a nocturnal cup of tea, reading and box set DVDs.

In my youth my father was endlessly moaning about how long I stayed in bed and that I slept too much!  Years on and him long gone, I see his point of view as I observe my grandchildren rolling out of bed at midday!

Sadly, this point of view is entirely based on jealously. As we age,  it gets harder to stay in bed for those extra forty winks. Worse still, sleep becomes more and more elusive.

Now I do go to bed early - never later than 10pm and before the news has finished I’m asleep. I wake again at about 2:30am, bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to face the world. Now I tried all the remedies: counting sheep, listening to music, Kalms tablets, reading a book and just laying in the dark waiting for sleep to take me again. None worked!

Well I have given myself a congratulatory slap on the back, because I’ve now found the solution. Rather than fight it, I have embraced it as a new way of living! When I wake, I catch up with my emails (the ones I was too tired to read in the evening) and then to the kitchen for a cup of tea and a snack. Back in the bedroom, I have my DVD player (which has been well used playing Murdoch Mysteries and Sherlock Holmes) and TV, radio and CD player. Well the night begins and I effectively have another (admittedly out of kilter) social life. I’m awake enough to enjoy the film or music and on top of this I’ve time to think about the day ahead. After a couple of hours of this I’m back to sleep and the TV timer switches itself off!

Three hours later when I awaken, I'm refreshed, have my day planned out and am raring to go! The stress and anxiety of worrying about not sleeping properly is banished – I just have a new way of getting my sleep and it suits me very well. I don’t think there is any adverse effect on me and I get another life (but during the middle of the night) when I have time to myself listening watching or reading what I want too. On top of this I have a nice cup of tea and some treats. Now that’s that much better than bemoaning insomnia, isn’t it!

If there are any of you who have odd ways of defeating insomnia please share them with us.

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Anthony Page

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