Five Ways To Save Money On Your Bills


Posted on: 20 March 2017 by Millie Kyle

We could all do to save money on our household bills. Even when the kids have grown up and moved out, there’s still room to save a bit more – and you might be surprised to learn exactly how much you can save with the right planning.

We were able to cut our bills dramatically with some thought. These five tips will make that possible.

Turn It Off

We’ve been told to do this for years, but how many of us actually listen? There are so many things around the house which drain energy when we aren’t looking. There’s the lights left on when we’re no longer in the room. The TV sitting on standby all night long. The microwave clock lighting up the kitchen when no one is there. Unless you are actively using something, you should turn it off. Consider the other side of this coin, too. If you use something often, leave it on during the day so that it stays in a lower state of power rather than using a power surge to turn on.

Use Green Energy

Wherever you can, use green energy sources. You can do this all around the house. For example, look at the backyard. You can use solar-powered lights instead of mains lights to cover the pathways. You can install solar panels to heat your swimming pool, such as those found here. You can even get solar-powered chargers for your devices, which are a lot better than using the mains all night long. It’s so easy to find alternative energy sources which are not only good for your bills, but also the environment. It feels great to know that we are protecting it for our future grandchildren.

Don’t Change Suppliers

One of my favourite tricks is to play suppliers off against each other. It works like this: first, you find someone who offers the same or a better deal than you already have, and who you would be willing to switch to. It’s important that you are willing to see the bluff through. Now call up your current supplier and let them know that you want to change. You’ll be amazed at how much of a discount they might offer you on your future rates. Don’t do this too often, especially not if you don’t want to change suppliers – they might call that bluff.

Be More Efficient

When you are purchasing bulbs for your home, always go with the most energy-efficient LED bulbs. They give the same amount of light but cost less, last longer, and use less energy. You can apply the same principle to everything that you purchase. Choose a more efficient detergent so that you can run the washing machine on a lower temperature. When you buy a new device, check the market for energy efficiency levels. This is an important way to cut down your bills.

Change Your Methods

Once you start to think this way, you can make a lot of great and meaningful changes. For example, my wife and I have a larger home from the time when our children lived with us, but we now need less room. Instead of heating the whole home, we picked up a portable heater. This is turned on in the living room and moved to the bedroom at night – we don’t need it anywhere else. Running one small heater is much more efficient than heating the whole house.

Using methods like these, you won’t believe how much you can save on your household bills.

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