Aviva shoots itself in the foot – priceless!


Posted on: 23 April 2012 by Anthony Page

Insurance giant, Aviva, drops email redundancy bombshell by mistake.

Last week Aviva (the major British insurer) announced that the Alain Dromer, CEO of Aviva Investors was leaving the company after a major re-structuring.

Now when a CEO suddenly goes the whole company gets a bit edgy – why; who next; are we being sold; are we being  shut down?

Imagine the shock, or maybe relief, on Friday, when all 1300 members of staff received an email informing them that they had been fired: complete with a request to clear their desks and not discuss the company’s business with anyone outside!

Well, it turned out to be a mistake – the HR department dropped a goolie and had sent the email to the entire database of employees and not just the one they had intended! It was all soon sorted out and everyone was reassured that their jobs were safe.

One can only speculate that the poor soul who was fired by email did finally get the message. Still it must have the rest of the staff thinking about the business ethics of their employer who is happy to fire someone by email!

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Anthony Page

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