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Posted on: 17 March 2017 by Emelie Hyde

In this type of loans the loan applicant needs to present a security deposit to the firm or the bank he or she is taking loan from.

In order to know the various ways of resolving outstanding loans and debts one first needs to know what the various kinds of debts are and what consequences can it bring in for the debtor? There are various types of loans as follows.
Secured loans
In this type of loans the loan applicant needs to present a security deposit to the firm or the bank he or she is taking loan from. The security deposit can be a property paper on the name of the loan applicant, or any other valuable asset and even gold loans are now available with various firms and services. In this secured loan, if the debtor fails to payback the debt on time and fails on payments and dates, the bank or the creditor gets the authorization to use the security deposit as per need. 
The creditor gets full right over the property, asset or the gold and hence can either sell them or make use of them as per the requirement. Banks often sell the properties or asset and pick up money from the market or might also use the property in terms of bank property and office. The debtor here ends up losing a huge asset in case he or she is not able to pay the money back within the given period of time and extensions.
Unsecured loans
These type of loans do not need a security deposit from the debtor or the loan applicant. These basically involve the credit card limit extensions and credit card debts that do not have an asset to sell in case of outstanding amounts. Here the banks that had allotted credit cards can only warn the account holder on missing dates and payments and then can take the matter to the court if the debtor refuses to pay the money to the bank. Debt consolidation plays an important role for the debtors in resolving the credit card debts.
Debt consolidation helps in both the cases. It is like applying for a new loan in order to pay the old loans and hence close accounts with the old debtors. Credit card loans can also be resolved by taking up loans from the firms and services who work for helping debtors in consolidating their debts by providing them with the required amount of money on a lower rate of interest and high time period to return the amount back along with the interest as well. 
Debt consolidation sees out to be very useful as it can help a debtor from losing his property or asset in case of secured loans and from having to get punished under the law and order in case of unsecured loans. There are firms that are licensed to provide help to such debtors and one can find many if searched online. Checking their integrity and license and their previous works and customer’s feedback can make one sure of their working profile and hence one can get going with the debt consolidation loans and refinancing. Visit here to learn more about it.

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