No backtracking on Brexit

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Zeinab Badawi chairs this Intelligence Squared debate examines how Britain should leave the EU and what that deal is achievable.

Recorded at the Emmanuel Centre in central London in November 2016, this Intelligence Squared debate brought together Douglas Carswell, Patrick Minford, Anna Soubry and Alexander Stubb to examine the post-Brexit landscape and the options for the UK in its negotiations with Brussels.

So-called ‘hard Brexiters’ Douglas Carswell and veteran economist Patrick Minford take the uncompromising stance that Britain must regain its status as a sovereign nation with full control of its borders, laws, money and trade. If that means severe restrictions on Britain’s access to the single market, so be it.

Anna Soubry, who was part of the Remain campaign and Alexander Stubb, former prime minister of Finland contest that as Britain redefines its place in the world, major decisions will have to be made on what our priority should be – controlling our borders with Europe or keeping our markets open to it.

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