How to add a friend

As with other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can add other users as Friends. You can also create your own blog as well as taking part in discussions on the forums.

To add someone as a friend

  • Click on the users image. This will take you to their profile page
  • Click the Add Friend button below their picture on the profile page.
  • A confirmation message will be shown and an email will be sent to the user notifying them of your request.
  • When a user accepts your request, you will receive an email to confirm this.

To accept an invitation from someone requesting to be your friend

You can access your friends request by clicking the link in the email alert or by visiting your profile page and clicking the New tab in your friends list and clicking on the users picture.

Both links will take you to the profile page of the user requesting to be your friend.
Click the button below their image called View Friend Request.

A window will pop up with the option to accept or reject the friend request.
Click the accept button to accept the friend request.


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