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    Barber Shop Chronicles

    Laurence Green reviews Inua Ellams’s rich and insightful production, Barber Shop Chronicles.  Read More...

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    Beta-blockers 'useless' for many heart attack patients, study reports

    NHS Choices' Behind the Headlines news analysis service examines the science ...  Read More...

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    How to settle social care funding once and for all

    Janette Rutterford says the Dilnot Report's findings on social care costs and caps must be implemented.  Read More...

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    Why Theresa May can't escape the fallout from her social care U-turn

    Conservative manifesto pledges on social care are now the key battle ground o...  Read More...

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    Waist-to-height ratio more accurate than BMI in identifying obesity

    New study finds waist-to-height ration offers more accurate measure of obesit...  Read More...

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